Current Affairs- 20 October 2022


Current Affairs- 20 October 2022

01. Where was Asia’s largest compressed biogas plant inaugurated recentlly?

A. Jammu and Kashmir

B. Ladakh

C. Punjab

D. Odisha

Ans. C

02. Who has been appointed as the new Controller General of Accounts (CGA) of India recently?

A. Girija Ishwaran

B. SR Singh

C. K Lalit

D. Bharti Das

Ans. D

03. In which country the “Global Youth Climate Summit” started recently?

A. India

B. Srilanka

C. Pakistan

D. Bangladesh

Ans. D

04. Where was the “Kati Bihu” festival celebrated recently?

A. Assam

B. Odisha

C. Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

Ans. A

05. Who became the first Indian woman to run sub-13s hurdles to win a gold medal at the National Games 2022?

A. Jyoti Yaraji

B. Saraswati Saha

C. Dhanalakshmi

D. Hima Das

Ans. A

06. Who won the “Ballon d’Or Prize 2022” recently?

A. Alexia Putelas

B. Karim Benzema

C. Cristiano Ronaldo

D. Both A and B

Ans. D

07. Who was recently elected as the 36th President of BCCI?

A. Virender Sehwag

B. Sourav Ganguly

C. Roger Binny

D. Sachin Tendulkar

Ans. C

08. Who recently organized joint cyber security exercise “PowerEX-2022”?


B. Power -CSIRTS

C. L & T

D. Both A & B

Ans. D

09. Which edition of Defense Expo was launched in Gandhinagar, Gujarat recently?

A. 12th

B. 15th

C. 21st

D. 26th

Ans. A

10. Where will the 2022 FIFA World Cup be held?

A. Quatar

B. Bahrain

C. Dhaka

D. Dubai

01 C 06 D
02 D 07 C
03 D 08 D
04 A 09 A
05 A 10 A

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